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Welcome to the FreightExchange API. These APIs will allow you to connect your own systems to FreightExchange to carry out a number of different functions.

We’re busy building more APIs at the moment and this page will be regularly updated as we make them available so please come back here regularly. We also want to hear from you about the interfaces you would find useful and ways we can make any of the APIs easier to work with.


We will issue you with a token which identifies your organisation. These token must be included in every call to our APIs

securityToken: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We will issue separate tokens for our development and live environments. Please contact us to obtain the tokens.


Get A Quote

Example request

    "pickupDate" : "2016-10-12",
    "originSuburb" : "SYDNEY",
    "originState" : "NSW",
    "originPostCode" : "2000",
    "originCountryCode" : "AU",
    "originResidential" : false,
    "destinationSuburb" : "MELBOURNE",
    "destinationState" : "VIC",
    "destinationPostCode" : "3000",
    "destinationCountryCode" : "AU",
    "destinationResidential" : false,
    "freightType" : "PALLETS",
    "tailLiftPickup" : false,
    "tailLiftDelivery" : false,
    "securityToken" : "XXXXXX",
    "insuranceValue" : 250,
    "resultOutput" : "FULL",
    "items" : [
            "length" : 1.2,
            "width" : 1.2,
            "height" : 1.2,
            "weight" : 400,
            "quantity" : 1

Example response

  "success": true,
  "quoteId": 4525,
  "insuredValue": 250,
  "priceResult": [
      "priceId": 120596,
      "freightPrice": 179.08,
      "insurancePrice": 3.5,
      "consignmentFee": 0,
      "netPrice": 182.58,
      "gst": 18.26,
      "grossPrice": 200.84,
      "priceType": "FE",
      "minTransitTime": 2,
      "maxTransitTime": 2
      "priceId": 120597,
      "freightPrice": 189.46,
      "insurancePrice": 3.5,
      "consignmentFee": 0,
      "netPrice": 182.58,
      "gst": 18.26,
      "grossPrice": 200.84,
      "priceType": "FE",
      "minTransitTime": 1,
      "maxTransitTime": 1

This endpoint is used to obtain a quote from FreightExchange. You must provide basic details of the shipment including the origin, destination, weight and dimensions. It is essential that you provide correct and complete information when calling this API as otherwise the price we provide will not be accurate. Freight pricing is totally dependent on origin, destination, weight and dimensions so if the actual shipment is different to the one you got a quote for, extra charges will apply.

HTTP Request

This endpoint will only accept POST requests.



Input Parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
pickupDate date Y Intended pick-up date for the shipment. See notes below regarding pick-up dates.
originSuburb text Y Origin suburb
originState text N Origin state - use the standard abbreviation (e.g. NSW, VIC)
originPostCode text Y Origin post code
originCountryCode text Y Origin country - use standard ISO country codes (e.g. AU)
originResidential boolean Y Indicates if the origin address is residential
destinationSuburb text Y Destination suburb
destinationState text N Destination state - use the standard abbreviation (e.g. NSW, VIC)
destinationPostCode text Y Destination post code
destinationCountryCode text Y Destination country - use standard ISO country codes (e.g. AU)
destinationResidential boolean Y Indicates if the destination address is residential
freightType text Y The type of freight being shipped. Possible values are PALLETS or OTHER
tailLiftPickup boolean Y Indicates if a tail lift vehicle is required for pick-up
tailLiftDelivery boolean Y Indicates if a tail lift vehicle is required for delivery
securityToken text Y Your secuirty token
insuranceValue number Y The amount of insurance cover you require for the shipment. If no cover is required send 0.
resultOutput text Y The type of result output required. SINGLE will cause only the lowest price to be returned, whilst FULL will return all available prices and services
useSpecifiedPickupDate boolean N If you specify true the pickupDate you supply will be used for the quote. If you do not include this parameter or specify false the quote will use the next working day at the origin location. For example if the pickupDate you specify is a Saturday the quote will use Monday’s date.
items Y Array of the items being shipped. See the table below for full details

You must specifiy one or more items in the input using the parameters below:

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
length double Y The length of the item in metres
width double Y The width of the item in metres
height double Y The height of the item in metres
weight double Y The item weight of the items in kilograms
quantity number Y The number of these items being shipped

Validation Rules

Pick-up Dates

As many of our carriers do not work weekends, you will typically get either very expensive or no quotes if you specify a weekend or public holiday for pick-up. By default the API will therefore automatically provide prices for the next working day at the origin location unless you include useSpecifiedPickupDate : true in your request. In most use cases you will not want to include this value - if you do have a requirement for regular weekend pick-ups please contact us to discuss this further.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
success boolean Indicates if the request was successful
quoteId number Unique identifier for this quote
insuredValue double Confirms the value being insuredValue
priceResult Array of prices

The priceResult element will contain one of more prices with the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
priceId number Unique identifier for this price
freightPrice double The total price for the freight including surcharges
insurancePrice double The price for the requested insurance cover
consignmentFee double This parameter is included for future use
netPrice double The net price for the shipment including freight and insurance
gst double The amount of GST applicable to this price
grossPrice double The gross price for this shipment
priceType text Indicates where this price is for a FreightExchange carrier (FE) or one of your connected carriers (PRIVATE)
minTransitTime number The minimum expected transit time in working days
maxTransitTime number The maximum expected transit time in working days


The FreightExchange API uses the following error codes:

Error Code Meaning
400 Bad Request – Your request could not be processed, most likely because it is not in the correct format or is missing a parameter
401 Unauthorized – Your security token is invalid